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December 6th, 2012, 21:59
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
Some of the images in that search are space jets…
One is an image of the "xenu spaceplane" from a site mocking Scientology and other doesn't look anything like nearly as much like a jumbo jet someone slapped fusion engines on. Of those two it looks more like the "Xenu spaceplane" which doesn't exactly help the case that the design here isn't very silly. Of all the images though the one serious one that looks most like a traditional commercial jet (probably because its a very very early concept image for a proposed small luxury craft) would be one of the least exciting images in that list.

Considering the semi-military purpose described in the material, the look of something like the EU Skylon or USMC "Hot Eagle" projects early concept art would have provided far better inspiration.

Of those two the Skylon might make the most sense. Unlike a jumbo jet such as the a380 (or any jumbo jet), the Skylon actually looks as though it is designed from the ground up for a dual upper-atmosphere and space role (the areodynamics are reminiscent of the blackbird).
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