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December 6th, 2012, 21:02
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Except that there's no challenging fights at all now. Sure there's the hand-placed encounters, but any hope of a decent battle from a random mob is all but gone.
Well, I got my butt kicked by a dire worl before making it to Friendly Arm Inn, so there's that! I see what you are saying, we'll see how I feel about it as the game progresses.

Not only are the random encounters too easy, but they also don't make sense from a D&D lore perspective. You should almost never run across a lone gibberling or xvart for example, because creatures of those races wouldn't be travelling solo.
Yeah, that's not going to bother me too much. I get that some people would be bothered by that, but I don't know anything about D&D lore outside what I've learned playing BG, IWD and NWN.

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