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December 6th, 2012, 23:47
IceBlink Engine just reached the all important stretch goal of $2k, which will enable custom classes, races, spells, etc. Congrats to Bree Arts/Slowdive!

Slowdive, thanks for the answer above. Great that we can have larger parties than 4, I consider 6 to be the ideal party size myself (Gold Box, Infinity Engine, etc.).

I just watched the KS video again and got a couple more questions for you:

1. I personally would have loved individual inventories, but you are using a party inventory instead. How will you limit carrying capacity? Will it be limited by a number of items (slot limit) or by some form of party encumbrance (total carrying capacity vs total ENC), or will it be unlimited altogether?

2. How many equipment slots will each character have (for equipping armor, helmets, rings, etc.). The video shows only four slots, but I guess that's just to have something to show on the video and not indicative of the actual number. I truly hope so! I'd hope for at least twice as many slots per character (i.e. 8). Maybe even have it choosable by the game/adventure creator from 4-8 (or something) and have the slots be renameable, so one adventure might have slot 1 be for helmets, but another could use it for amulets, for example.

3. Will it be possible to add (simple) animation to the tokens/avatars? Not thinking of anything fancy, a simple one or two frame animation would do (like from idle/on guard state to attack and back).

4. Not sure if I saw it correctly, but was there auto-looting after the combat encounter? If so, I hope it will be possible to turn that off. Me not like auto-looting.

5. HOw will the ruleset handle healing and resting? I truly hope that you're not going to go with the streamlined way of insta-healing everyone right after an encounter (and those who were killed, were actually only knocked out). If you're using some form of resting mechanic, I hope it is restricted somehow, e.g. not allowing resting inside an enemy stronghold and so on.
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