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December 6th, 2012, 23:56
So, I just had this great idea that no one will ever read…

Kickstarter strech goals of funding other kickstarter games!

Project Eternity was like… "100,000$ and we'll give you another NPC model and another pet dog!"

And my most wanted, Planetary Annihilation, had strech goals like…. "$200,000 and we'll add planets made of entirely water and also naval units" Wtf as if the game doesn't have naval units when there are oceans and Total Annihilation has them. I mean do they think we're stupid? How hard is it to make naval units? its all the same stuff. Change the unit template to a boat model and restrict it to water. 200k for that?

It's kind of in the spirit of things to get everyones games going. Don't just make up bullshit strech goals that were always gonna be in the game while pocketing cash thats needed to fund other peoples games. And, fark, Obsidian? How commercial can you get? They could have found a publisher in an instant. :/

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