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December 7th, 2012, 00:00
I actually rather liked less encounters with random enemies in earlier stage - all my characters are all piss weak, I used to hate the earlier part of the game. There's fun challenging (when you are given tools to work out strategy) and boring challenging (when you have hardly any tools to do something different other than running to guards or sacrifice one of your meat-shield companion) - original BG1 belonged to latter (in my opinion).

I just can't wait to meet new NPCs… and here's me desperately hoping they will get the mod working for BG:EE…

Call me silly, but I think BG:EE was worth money. There are flaws, that were mentioned already by others (e.g. almost no options - I mean, the only option for graphics tool was full screen/non full screen! thought it was a bug or something) but I think they are minor (since I haven't experienced any game breaking glitches/bugs). Yes, the enhancements are also rather minor changes too but I love the fact I don't have to install so many mods - they tend to do funny things when you have them installed in "incorrect" order.
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