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December 7th, 2012, 03:39
"but gamers after a more casual or relaxed diversion may find it more frustrating than fun."

relaxed diversion… It made my day. Let's translate that: casual gamers who find talking, reading, paying attention, making long conversation and pause need too boring to care - well Bioware delivered - DA2.

I have my criticism about EE but when I think what BW became with their awesomnesssss, and more recent ignorance about story building (guess whats on my mind), I cannot say harsh words about Oster's work.
Now BG:EE, in future Project Eternity.. there are lights about RPGS future. Both in story telling and the gameplay.

Bioware made such lights in the past;
in 2007 there was Mass Effect - with great plot, unfortunately the potential was wasted
later was DA:O, which needed to be polished, which had its idiotic solutions like questbags, but tried to remind tactic rpgs… but then DA2 came.
Dunno what mr Laidlaw or Hudson think - but relying only on IGN or other a**lickers is not the best way to keep the pride of once great studio.
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