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December 7th, 2012, 04:04
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One of the best parts of Skyrim's companion system is the dialog that they say in certain areas. For example, Marcurio will talk your ear off about Dwemer ruins and give you various tidbits of lore and insight. I love that aspect. I hope the next Elder Scrolls game really expands that part of the dialog. It goes so far to adding to the world immersion.
You need to try Interesting NPCs if you ever get the PC version. That mod is amazing, 106 new NPCs, 85 of which are voiced, and 18 of those are new followers. Dozens of voice actors, 60,000 lines of new dialogue, lots of really well acted and compelling NPCs with great backstories and branching conversations with consequences. For example, some of the followers might never agree to join you depending on you your chosen dialogue responses.
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