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December 7th, 2012, 09:18
Ok… As I said I would, I installed a copy of the original game ("Original Saga" version from GOG) and played up to reaching the Friendly Arm inn.

First of all, it's pretty hard to go back to the original unmodded version without finding it very painful on the eyes after playing BGEE. "Holy pixels, Batman!" That is one ugly game. It also feels like it's zoomed in way too close after playing the EE version for awhile, but that's obviously just a symptom of the 640x480 resolution.

I still like the original cinematics a lot more, and they still look decent imo, even when stretched across my 24" LCD. There's one when you reach the Friendly Arm inn that was removed completely in BGEE. I hope someone is able to patch/mod those back in somehow.

One major event I noticed changes to is when Sarevok ambushes Gorion and the PC upon leaving Candlekeep. In the original game, it's just Sarevok and two ogres whom are killed by Gorion prior to getting killed by Sarevok. In BGEE, Sarevok shows up with two ogres, two archers, and his female companion whom you later meet in the city. Gorion kills off everyone but Sarevok and whats-her-name before meeting his maker.

Also, I have to admit that, after all my bitching, the difference in the random encounters isn't as great as I remember. In the two areas between Candlekeep and TFAI, I was encountering single gibberlings and xvarts the same as in BGEE. I could swear I remember there being more monsters, unless maybe the GOG version was tweaked from the original retail release as well.

They really need to add an option to lock the zoom in BGEE though. As blatantninja mentioned, it's extremely annoying that the view resets back to being zoomed all the way out every time you enter/exit a building or transition to a new area. It's especially aggravating to me because I find the default view to be much too high.

A limited run feature would also have been nice, as sometimes it feels like I'm waiting forever for my party to reach a certain spot. Iirc, didn't the IWD games allow you to run by holding down the shift key?

I can't comment on much else having only compared both versions up to reaching TFAI. Other than the new cinematics and my issue with the camera zoom though, I really can't think of anything to complain about in regards to the EE version.
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