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December 7th, 2012, 12:13
Necro 3 ? I could join with my Cleric, he's level 13, still (since I didn't level up that much in the past weeks, and rather decided to farm in Mabar. ).

Besides, I'm slowly getting the hang on to SWTOR. During the week I might be less in DDO because of that, but in the weekends I could join, too. Or vice versa.

But anyway, I predict myself levelling slower now (again).

In SWTOR, everything is so much different, UI-wise, that I had quite some problems in the beginning.

Plus, it is bug-ridden just like DDO ! New patches *always* seem to introduce new bugs … - Just like in DDO !

The forum entries are similar as well, I noticed, plus rather fighter players insisting on the "Trinity" of Healer, Tank, Supporter/DD.

SWTOR is - as it looks to me, at least - far, far, far less diverse than DDO. DDO is like a luxury meal in terms of character diversification, so to say.

But this also means that the "TRinity Roles" are much more fixed in SWTOR than they are in DDO.

The problem of the Clerics - regarded as a "Halr class", which they actually are *not*, imho, but people refuse to see it, they prefer to turn blind against the fact that Clerics have "Turn Undead" as well - doesn't exist in this form in SWTOR, as far as I can see it.

Plus the different terminology :
"Flashpoints" = "Dungeons"
"Operations" = "Raids"

Everything is very confusing to me, but I also begin to see the similarities (SWTOR is as much combat focused as DDO is, but it is not loot-centric as that).

Rolling for loot is also something uncommon to me. I saw this for the first time in my life at the Games Com, when I was dabbling around with NWO a bit. SWTOR has it, too. Never saw it in DDO.

A different problem is brand-new to SWTOR : Gold sellers. Or the equivalent to it.
No-one knows how they went into the game, and the lists don't show them as regular players.
Me, I'm reminded of this article : http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012…your-password/
I suspüect that this is the source of the Gold Sellers in SWTOR.

And I wonder if they manage to get it erased. DDO managed to do it fairly good.
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