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December 7th, 2012, 14:28
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post

Here's a good example of what makes me doubt how fantastic this EE is. Obviously, I don't know how much of that is fabrication or ignorance - but if even half those issues are real - that's a pretty bad sign.

I guess all these people on the forums having issues are blind whiners, or?
Just about every one of his list is a pretty minor 'bug'. It almost seems like he's specifically TRYING to find bugs. For instance:

5. If you have your party highlighted and you hold down 1 on your keypad and then try to select your team, it bugs out so you can't select all team members, also causes it so you have to click them to remove selecting them. (That's not in the Original, doesn't seem to be an intentional programming either.)
Why would you even do that?

His main complaint is that they incorporated a bug of the changes made by mods. Ok, I would expect them to do that. In fact, if they didn't, I'd be upset.

The main enhancements of BGEE (besides including a bunch of improvements you'd otherwise need mods for) are:
1) Better adaptation than WS mod for higher resolutions (not all agree, but to me it is pretty obvious)
2) New content/npc's that are professionally done
3) Zoom feature
4) Better compatibility with newer systems via optimized code. For instance, there used to be a decent lag between areas loading or reloading a saved game. It's now just about instantaneous.

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