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December 7th, 2012, 14:37
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
HiddenX is right.
Plus, it was imho a mistake to use Kickstarter.
Why ?
Simply because Credit Cards are still uncommon in Germany.
If he had used a Kickstarter-like service wich allows simple bank transfers, his money would have doubled, I almot asume. Because Germans just don't use Credit Cards, they use simple bank transfers. nd even PayPal is ued rather by the younger genration, not so much with the older gamer generations (35+), I think.
I learned this the hard way on my last trip there. My company was having an off-site meeting for our global compliance group and as we had recently opened a Frankfurt office, we decided that we'd do it there. After the meetings, we went out into the country for a night. Not far from where most of us we were staying was a monestary that had been converted into a hotel and restaurant. The head of our Frankfurt office told us the restaurant was amazing and we should all go there for dinner.

So we did and he joined us. There were 8 of us and I think the bill came to around 1500 Euros (there was a fair amount of drinking involved!). Well, the Frankfurt guy had to leave to get home. No problem, the head of our group was paying the bill anyway.

Until we found out they only accepted cash and some type of German specific debit card. The Frankfurt guy had neglected to mention that to us before he bailed! The confusing part was originally we had booked two rooms at the monestary using an Amex card, yet they wouldn't take it in the restaurant. It took about 30 minutes using a mixture of their broken English and our broken German to convince them that we had the capacity to pay, just not the method. There wasn't an ATM within 30km of the place.

We ended up getting them to bill our Frankfurt office, to which I am sure they were a bit surprised to receive!

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