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December 7th, 2012, 14:52
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I concede that it can be better if you're running an awkward res or have an usually sized monitor. Personally, I don't think there's any real difference in my case of having a 1920x1080 native res - which AFAIK is one of the most common native res'es these days.
My desktop runs at 1280 x 1024 (still running old school non-widescreen monitors). I replayed BGTuTu and BG2 about 3 years ago, and while I still loved it, it just didn't seem 'natural' at that resolution. IE it looked like it was being forced to fit rather than designed for that resolution (which of course it was not). BGEE fits to me. I don't feel like I'm playing some hack job of the game, I feel like I'm playing the game as intended.

I'm waiting for feedback before I'll go along with "professionally done" - but it still seems rather minimal.
So far I only have the wild mage in my group (I temporarily grabbed the monk to see his dialogue, but returned to a previous save game). The dialogue from them is pretty good. I've added a lot of fan made NPC's to games over the years and while I greatly appreciate the efforts of the mod community (BG would be dead without it IMO), the fact is most of these people just don't have the skills to write dialogue or story. I don't either! As such the only time I remember getting new NPC's that seemed almost professionally done was the IWD2 joinable party mod. Those NPC's were done extremely well.

So I'm enjoying the new NPC's and their dialogue. Haven't made it to the new areas yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I like to explore and again, though I appreciate the efforts of the mod community, every 'new' area in mods is just recylced from one of the IE games. I've already seen it. I want to see something new.

Absolutely worthless to me, but I guess some people have very poor eyesight and don't mind stretching their low-res images
The resolution looks fine from all the way out to mid. Zoomed all the way in, it starts looking a little stretched. I generally play at mid, and then zoom out if I want to click farther away to get my characters somewhere or if I'm looking for a specific building or something. Obviously could use the overhead map, but I find the zoom quicker and less intrusive. I've only done the zoom all the way in a few times.

Now, this COULD be significant. Is it instantaneous for all area switches? Are they loading everything into memory or what?
It's pretty instant on every area I have moved into so far (I'm about to enter the mines). No idea how they are accomplishing it, though I guess it would make sense to just load all the surrounding areas into memory. Most PC's have more memory than the entire size of the game!

How about saving/loading games?
The quick save is instant. I seem to recall when you quicksaved before that a save screen popped up, but I may be incorrect on that. If so, that is gone. You just get the "Quick Save Completed" text in the console on the bottom. The quick load (pushing L) is instant as well. Press L and literally about half a second later, your game is loaded.

Obviously if you are doing a non quick save or load, you have to go to the menu, but once you select the action, its instant.

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