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December 7th, 2012, 15:12
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
One thing that I have noticed that is different is the way the resolution is obtained (if that's the best way to put it).

Essentially in the original game (as well as TuTu), you set the resolution in the settings and when it loads up the game, it changes the resolution of your monitor to what you've selected. If you alt-tab out, you'll see the resolution switch back and get all the screen flashing associated with that. I have dual monitors, so I often have on the second screen the manual up or a web page with some info I looked up related to the game. With the original game, if I'm not running at 100% of my normal resolution, then the second monitor gets resized as well and what ever I had on there is not as usable.

In BGEE, the scaling is all done within the game, so the game is running at whatever resolution you have your monitor at. If you alt tab, there is not flickering and resizing of the screen. Whatever you put on the second monitor looks the same.

To me, that greatly enhances my gameplay.
Yes, they're obviously scaling the images to correspond to the "compromise resolution" I'm talking about.

It's exactly what I'm doing in my own game - to compensate for the variety of native res monitors.

That means that instead of setting the resolution through settings, they're scaling images to correspond to whatever resolution they've decided is the best compromise between visual appeal and "zoomed out" feel.

Visually, it's identical to picking the same resolution in the WS mod - but you don't get the switch when tabbing - because it's scaling.

I usually avoid alt-tabbing when playing full screen games - but I can see how it would be a minor convenience to not have the annoying res switch for people who alt-tab.




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