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December 7th, 2012, 16:54
Stamina regeneration has the fastest rate (belts, helmets etc' over 40% regen') - mana regen' is normally much slower but stamina can be used to magically top up mana - weapons with life leach abilities will obviously top up health. I had a bow that topped up mana as i killed. I had to change bows often to suit the scenario opponents, i carried five bows at all times.

Followers can consume tons of potions if allowed to go unchecked yet there are spells to protect, top up and slow down the various consumption rates. later in the game, a priest follower will heal you up to max' health automatically as and when required, so you cannot die, this is as well as his own health if commanded not to attack, a true healer follower.

So indeed, by judicious management, the use of potions can be reduced significantly - by using these methods as a solo player, my potions never dropped below half of an inventory page (of the four pages) - proficient Inventory micro-management is an acquired skill not set in the game but of the gamers own ability.

It appears that to Inquisitor players new to its unique style, that the two main obstacles presented by game design intention are 'potion consumption management' and 'monster re-spawn counteraction' - reading text is not a game-play obstacle as it is obviously the main 'game-play storyline progression element - counteracting spells such as slow - poison - disorientation - etc' etc' are all left to the gamers own defensive or counteractive preference.

So disregarding the negative niggles and dislikes which are prevalent in the majority of Inquisitor reviews, there is really little to complain about providing you are a competent RPG gamer and able to learn how to counteract the various obstacles presented by the game.

The reviewer Karla Munger, states -~Engaging/fighting enemies is accomplished by clicking on them repeatedly until either you or they prevail~ - In my game i clicked on them only once per encounter with the timed combat mechanic (that has full function menu control) kicking-in to take over until complete - you can feel the incompetence as she speaks, the air is thick with lack of the knowing and a continuing unawareness.

As to why an incompetent reviewer, unfamiliar with these long established RPG game-play methodologies can make a review completely oblivious to these mentioned factors, goes completely beyond the boundaries of credible reviewing responsibility, it sadly shows that the once artistic state of traditional quality and *Game genre knowledgeable* reviewing with individual flair of engrossing expression……….is fast slipping away.
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