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December 7th, 2012, 18:21
Hey Lurking Grue,
I haven't made it to that level of detail in the design on some of your questions, so they are still up for discussion. Keep in mind that the game engine is far from complete and I only have a working prototype with very basic features at the moment.
1. Party inventory system: I haven't implemented an inventory limit as of yet. I may allow for both options (weight or number of items) and leave it up to the module designer to choose which system they wish to use in their module. I much prefer the party inventory or individual inventories (for convenience reasons), but I'm still open to changes (I never understood how they could carry sooo much junk in their packs anyway )
2. Equipment Slots: Yeah, four slots were just for testing purposes. Id like to have about 8 slots that are named by the author (really needs to be since we now have the stretch goal which allows for custom settings such as fantasy, modern, future, etc.)
3. I plan on having animation similar to the SSI Gold Box games (Idle and attack). Plus animations for projectiles, spells, etc.
4. For now I had auto looting, but that could be changed easily enough. I already have a container system so I could just have containers assigned to encounters so that at the end of the encounter a container dialog box opens with the options for (loot all, take selected, leave).
5. I much prefer the Infinity Engine style of death, healing, and resting. Resting should only be allowed in certain areas and there may be a chance for an ambush while sleeping. Ill leave it up to the author to decide in which areas you are able to rest. There is no insta-healing, you need to use spells, heal kits, potions, or resting just like in the IE games. If you die in combat, you need to resurrect or reload.

Thanks again everyone for making this happen,
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