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December 7th, 2012, 18:26
I played my share of EQ1, EQ2, and WoW. For me, the thrill of those games mostly came from the idea that I was in the same game world as thousands of other people. Particularly with EQ1… it was a massive novelty (to me) to be in a game world with thousands of other people, most strangers and a few actual real life friends.

But after about a decade of playing these kinds of games (moderatley) I've returned to my 'first love.' Single player RPGs. Less Grind, more story, more narrative, the absence of chat boxes filled with filthy nasty comments. And oh yes, the BIG one, I can save and stop whenever I want (for most single player RPGs anyway) without losing anything in-game or letting other people down. The whole idea that I can start and stop as I choose is HUGE for me.
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