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December 8th, 2012, 00:00
Originally Posted by Sergorn View Post
This is just nonsense. So basically they secure the Torment name, but in the end it's just to do a spiritual sequel, because they can't get the Planescape setting, really don't want to do a sequel anyway to Torment's story, and to avoid the D&D ruleset.

So basically the're no point in getting the name except for marketing purpose to get peole all excited about a "Torment 2".

And yeah no sorry, but a true spiritual successor would need Avellone and Obsidian for me.

(Not that I'm not saying inXile and Colin McComba couldn't manage to create a great game in the vein of Planescape… but the whole "Torment IP annoucement" just smells fishy to me)

TNO's story ended with PS:T so any sequel would be "spiritual sequel" no matter if you call it planescape 2 or something else.

I do agree that true sequel would need Criss Avellone.He had full control over story in 2 games(PS:T and KotOR 2) and those are 2 best written games imo and I expect no less from games that claims that is spiritual sequel to PS:T.
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