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December 8th, 2012, 01:45
Running numbers, stats crunching is not roleplaying. Players interested in this do not play roleplaying games. They most likely play a war game at a skirmish level.

Therefore computer games that include those features do not capture the worst side of P&P RPGs because that does not belong to RPG. Those video games are simply war games.
Yes, I already know about that opinion of yours, but I guess it is obvious that old school games are much more closely related to war games than the modern (so called) playing games. Which, I guess, you would, call action/ adventure games or something like that.

Difficulty does not relate exclusively to combat. Role playing should be made difficult to give any substance to role playing.
In role playing the difficulty involves the choices you make. It could take you time time for the choice making, but you are not supposed to repeat the same scene time and time again, saving it and reloading until you got the "right" choice.

All these features signal a narrative game. Not a RPG. Story is secondary and non essential in a RPG. RP does not require a story. RP requires situations to install the character in his role. A story in a RPG is only good as the RP situations it brings.

For narrative games, it is another story: the story is central and essential to this kind of games.
I do think that story is as almost as important in a role playing game as in a narrative game. You can not play your character in a story you are not interested in, the same way that in a story that you are completely immersed in. Maybe that's just opinion, but it's what I feel about it.
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