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December 8th, 2012, 00:56
Good grief. I guess I'm one of those people who you so nicely brand as "fools". I better don't ask what you consider to be "unfair challenges" in Baldur's Gate, which is a rather easy game. If you want to see difficult, try some of the Wizardry games.
I was just the reviewer in the original review roundup… I can't really brand Baldur's Gate challeneges as fair or unfair, because Baldur's Gate is a game I just tried a lot of time ago. I know that most of old school had a combat difficulty that was ridiculous, as the game itself created other difficulties beyond the necessary ones, because of it's graphical problems: the scene would be too small to see the details, sometimes you couldn't even detect the enemy…

I find the fear that these old school RPGs might somehow be able to kill AAA games pretty laughable. They cater to a rather small audience, too small to make AAA-style games viable.
I did not mean all AAA games, just role playing games. Most of them aren't AAA, and even those are just a very small niche. And when AAA companies decide that even that little niche is not valuable? There are still lot's of fantasy cRPG, but what about other genres? I don't really like fantasy and I fear that sci fi cRPGs are almost dead now, that Mass Effect 3 had that terrible effect.
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