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December 8th, 2012, 07:00
Wow, you people are more negative than the Codex about this one. Is it because they have Colin McComb hanging out in the thread?

Colin McComb is a great designer and a decent writer. Avellone is swell and all but he didn't make PS:T on his own. He co-wrote a story using materials written by McComb, various Cook's, a Baur and others as framework. The quality of the game was built upon the quality of the setting.

Now, not getting the Planescape setting or name does suck. But it doesn't suck that much really! In the mid-00's, McComb and many of the PS designers collaborated on a setting book called Beyond Countless Doorways, which was clearly an outer planar setting that was heavily influenced by their previous work on Planescape. They weren't able to mention the Planescape setting once, even vaguely in passing, but they pulled it off incredibly well. If you want a more recent example of outer planar settings that aren't Planescape being awesome, Open Design/Kobold Press recently published a Pathfinder book called Dark Roads and Golden Hells. Mostly new writers involved there, but a quote from McComb accompanies the book proclaiming it a worthy successor to the Planescape legacy. High praise and potential publisher spiel? Indeed. Thing is, the book is awesome. It was less than two weeks before I had incorporated elements of it into my campaign.

So, while WotC is full of corporate-madness these days, that doesn't spell doom for this project. A good designer with good contacts in the gaming world and Avellones blessing should be enough. Seriously, if you love Avellone so much, why isn't his word enough? I am sure he'll be involved in some way, anyhow, once this becomes a thing rather than discussion about a thing.
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