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December 8th, 2012, 08:34
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
I do think that story is as almost as important in a role playing game as in a narrative game. You can not play your character in a story you are not interested in, the same way that in a story that you are completely immersed in. Maybe that's just opinion, but it's what I feel about it.
It is an opinion not based on facts.

Story is non essential in a RPG. All it takes in a RPG is situations.

P&P RPGs rely on scripted stories because there is barely no other way to introduce RP situations and string them together.

RPGs in other fields do waste time with scripting. A RP situation is handed down and players role play.

Computers can deliver stories in different ways: through scripting or by letting the player string by himself narrative events that the game world produces. While the second is usually better done than the first, and totally appropriated to developp a RPG around. Unsurprisingly, RPGers by title prefer the first option over the second.

Immersion is too vague a concept to mean anything.
Certain players consider this feature does not immerge while they dismiss another feature of the same wood, that is as immersion breaking as the previous one.

Developping a game requires direction and one defined, north stays north, east stays east, south stays south and west stays west.
Changing directions every day might end with people going round. Which might be the case in terms of RPG on computer games.
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