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December 8th, 2012, 12:57
It is an opinion not based on facts.
It is based on personal experience. Have you experienced all the facts in the world? I guess not…

Story is non essential in a RPG. All it takes in a RPG is situations.

P&P RPGs rely on scripted stories because there is barely no other way to introduce RP situations and string them together.
Well, that's just wrong. First, story IS essential for RPG, at least in the sense of RPG as entertainment, not as a method for achieving goals. It seems to me that you keep confusing the kind of role playing used in psychology or in professional formation with role playing just for entertainment purposes. If in the first two cases mere situations are enough, in the second case a story has to exist. Many stories, indeed. A world composed of many stories, the background stories of main characters and NPCs. The story which comes out of what happens during the game. This stories may never be written (although some of them should be, at least partially), but they are stories nevertheless.
Also P&P RPGs DO NOT rely on scripted stories. If they do, then you are doing it (very much) wrong. Just read the rules for beginners in any RPG core book and it's all there, clear as water. Scripted stories are know as "railroading", and even if it happens sometimes, the players will not be satisfied to be just playing pawns in the game masters own script… In cRPGs, of course, it's different.

Computers can deliver stories in different ways: through scripting or by letting the player string by himself narrative events that the game world produces. While the second is usually better done than the first, and totally appropriated to developp a RPG around. Unsurprisingly, RPGers by title prefer the first option over the second.
Ok, true.

Immersion is too vague a concept to mean anything.
Certain players consider this feature does not immerge while they dismiss another feature of the same wood, that is as immersion breaking as the previous one.
Although it is vague, it is the only way to describe a personal taste for a kind of role playing. People who play to create better characters and amass loot and experience points or just kill the most enemies are immersed in a different way of the gamer who prefers exploring the world, having dialogues with NPCs and knowing the lore of the fictional world. I would say that real immersion exists only in the second kind of gamer, but that would be my opinion. As I never was one interested in the "accounting" part of role playing I can not be sure if they ever feel immersed in anything.
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