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December 8th, 2012, 12:40
Originally Posted by Vindicator View Post
I hope Brian Fargo delays development of the property until Chris Avellone has some free time to pitch in. Planescape Torment is one of my all time favorite crpgs. Although it was a bit text heavy for my taste, the writing was superb.
Here's a sample for those who missed this classic rpg…

Nameless One: "Can you dig around in my body for anything?"

Marta: "Marta can do that, cancha Marta? Yes you can!"

Nameless One: "Check the intestines… anything could be lodged in there."

Marta: You lie upon the table, and Marta stands over you, a rusty knife at the ready. There is a stabbing pain as she slices into your abdomen, then cuts brutally downwords in a saw-like motion, exposing your innards. Despite the pain, you watch in silent morbid fascination as she plunders your organs, humming to herself.
I tried PST 3 times and probably more, and never succeed go past the first areas, from tedious fights to repetitive places and lenghty tedious verbous dialogs insisting a lot too heavily on "mysterious". The extract above is an example, boring pointless reading for me.

What's quite weird is that I remember have played it in French but it seems it never been released in French but through some fans translations.

Fallout 1 was in English only and grabbed me quite more so I'm not sure that cause is the language but it's possible. If it's just pure non sense (but for me the example quoted isn't that all, it's pure first level basic gore and zero humor) then I never ever enjoyed pure non sense and that's the simple reason I couldn't get the game. At least the first parts.
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