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December 8th, 2012, 13:55
I decided to clear Jade empire of my backlog and finished after around 20 hours of playing.Story and characters are well written and well acted there are not many side quests but there are also no fetch quests all are well written with story behind them, also setting is nicely done inspired by legends and myths of east it wells fresh(at least to someone like me that only play wRPGs).Overall writing is good but not bioware's best.
From gameplay stand point game is pretty weak very limited character customization.Only 3 stats,nearly no equipment except gems that give some passive stats,on level up you gain 3 points to put in stats and few depending on level for styles that gives flat increase to their damage,speed,reduction to chi/focus etc.. which makes leveling up pretty unexciting.Combat is repetitive and boring only normal and heavy attack,block and heal and switching styles,also character doesn't feel responsive especially when using block/dodge .I can't say combat is broken or anything just it feels flat and unexciting and very simplistic.
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