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December 8th, 2012, 20:01
Originally Posted by Couchpotato View Post
I will be buying a eBook reader as I love reading books on paper and electronically. I'm thinking of buying a fire or nook. Any suggestions?
I always advise Kindle - and the E-Ink versions as well - for ereader. Reasons?
- Amazon has been amazing at dealing with customer service, and has tremendous ebook deals on a regular basis. Barnes & Noble has just gone through a horrible customer service problem as they try to shut down the Fictionwise / eReader services they bought (people couldn't get their stuff to transfer), and their deals are much more sparse.
- For folks like me who have screens in front of them all of the time, an ereader with E-Ink screen provides a nice break from LCD-vision, as it is more like reading paper to your eyes. The Nook tablets and Kindle Fire are just another tablet with built-in ereader app.

I have a Kindle 4 (pretty much same as current $69.99 version) and also a Nook Simple Touch (yes I have an issue … that is a given). And I love the simplicity of the Kindle - and how easy it is for me to get a review book from an author and dump it on the Kindle, and how everything syncs across devices and so on.

Finally, I suggest sticking WITH 'special offers' … last night I grabbed a $2 instant video credit, which made 'family movie night' free for us. I've gotten credits, discounts, and other stuff that has FAR outweighed the 'inconvenience' of seeing screensaver ads.
-- Mike
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