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December 8th, 2012, 20:24
Originally Posted by figment View Post
Heavies didn't help me nearly as much compared to Snipers with a majority of missions but the map type made a big difference. The lack of accuracy and multiple rockets was my biggest issues with heavies.

(snip) All of the classes have their use and I though were generally well balanced so you could still get through without the perfect loadout.
Early on and even later stages heavies accuracy was and is a issue generally speaking. However, I found their inaccuracy a benefit more times then not. As when they miss a good amount of time they miss and hit the barrier the alien was using for cover and destroy it, this then opened them up for easy shots from the rest of the team, especially the sniper who I setup to always have last action or a run & gun assault peep.

In the end however I totally agree with your last assessment all the classes are fairly well balanced.
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