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December 8th, 2012, 21:02
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
…and I could like Morrowind if not for the motive that most people like it - the strange environment. But that's just a matter of taste. Deus Ex has rather bad voice acting, but in it's time was a great game nonetheless. Both KOTOR are great games. All these ones have nothing to do with strategy or tactical mentality. Baldur's Gate and all D&D inspired games have. And those I do not like.
Yes, compared to Baldur's Gate, the KotoR games have very subpar, simplistic and non-tactical combat. Which stresses the point I made: You seem not to like the gaming aspect very much. And I say this as someone who likes both, the BGs and KotoRs.

Regarding Morrowind, I don't think the strange environment is its main draw, although it certainly helps when you like that. The thing that fascinated me about the game was the world with all its factions, interlinked and working against each other, the great backgrounds, the fact that there was not only one truth to be known and that you had to make your picks without ever knowing whether you based in on the right choice. I also want to mention the aspect that you could just not think about the game and see it as the tired "hero defeats ancient evil" story, or use your brain and recognize what was actually happening to you. The game stayed behind its possibilities - as I already mentioned, the consequence department is underdeveloped in order to make most stuff available in one playthrough - but Bethesda unfortunately never tried anything like that again. That's why I find putting giant mushrooms into a Skyrim DLC doesn't quite cut it.

Edit: Just to make that clear: I don't like Morrowind because of its combat. It has a few neat mechanics, like levitation etc., but combat is definitely pretty bad.
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