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December 8th, 2012, 21:08
The slower the better. In PnP, GMs have a lot of leeway to customize the campaign and adjust the pace according to the group's preference. Many players want to gain at least a level by the end of each session.

As for crpgs, I like the pace of Skyrim's leveling. Levels 1 - 10 progress relatively quickly, then it begins to slow down and it takes me about 150 hours to reach level 30.

Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I like slower leveling. In games like Skyrim and Oblivion, I think those games level up the characters too fast.

I wouldn't mind really but the level scaling makes it an issue. The issue to me comes when you level up and the gear you find in the world levels up too.

For example, in Skyrim, as you level up, the blacksmiths start carrying better armor. Awesome. But I just got this steel set an hour ago?? And before that I was using iron armor but that was over so quickly I barely remember it!

So I buy a few pieces of Dwarven gear. Clear a few dungeons, come back to town, and instead of completing the Dwarven set, the Dwarven stuff is gone and it's replaced with Orcish stuff. I didn't really get a chance to "savor" that Dwarven gear as long as I would have liked.

Same thing goes for weapons that you find. All leveled gear in general is over too quick and too quickly replaced. Simply because the game wants to level you up so fast.
I haven't experienced this, but I have never had any high level characters. When I played a mage, I noticed that the spell tomes in the leveled lists were based on the skill level for that school of magic, rather than character level.

It would be relatively simple to make a mod which adjusts the availability of certain types of armor or other goods based on a skill, for example, Speech. Does that sound interesting?
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