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December 8th, 2012, 22:19
Sorry, no. While you seem to put much stress on the "role playing" as, if I see this right, acting, you seem to completely neglect the "game" part. This confinement on "playing a role" makes the whole genre description meaningless. Then you end up with something like this being the epitome of role playing.
I think you are mistaking my opinion with Chien Aboyeurs' who also posted above. It was he who was stressing the "playing a role" in that particular sense. I was in disagreement with that. Though, in the context of pen & paper, I do tend to give much more value to the "acting" - acting in an improv kind of way, not reading a part, not playing a role, as in street sweeper simulator.

Regarding narratives, do you still find PS:T or Fallout level stuff nowadays? Most of it is so dumbed down that I have to ask myself why I have to listen to that garbage. I mean, with a story like in ME3, you have to just forget about logic and try to enjoy the game despite the awful narrative, not because of it. But that happens when you have to broaden your audience to an extent that you have to be careful to be "all-inclusive".
Regarding narratives I find Fallout 3 and New Vegas to be better than Fallout (at least better than Fallout 2, maybe equal to Fallout, the first). I find the narrative of Deus Ex: HR to be superior to the original game, even if the newer game is a tribute Deus Ex's legacy. I agree that Mass Effect 3 has lot's of problems, and the story is one of them. But Mass Effect 1 and 2 are quite good on all aspects, except the driving bit. Both Witcher games have strong narratives and are excellent role playing games. I don't particularly like fantasy, but I enjoyed Dragon Age and Skyrim (not only in a narrative perspective, but also in that point of view). I love Alpha Protocol, a game that most people hate.
I do not agree that modern role playing games were dumbed down. They were made easier. You can choose your level of difficulty, and combat becomes rather easy on the lower end. You have pointers to you goals, and maps that show you where to go with a lot of detail. But this is not dumbing down, it's just making something easier. Most of them allow you not to use any of these mechanics that turn the pace faster and spare your time (sparing the consumers time is a mark of our time, not a mark of dumbness). And if it is a Bethesda game you have mods for everything, including disabling all the bells and whistles and increasing the difficulty ten times. That does not improve the story, but I do believe that the stories are quite good nowadays. Not always, but generally speaking. I mentioned examples…
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