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Default ZENLIL - a plane or a spaceship?

December 9th, 2012, 00:37
We're really glad you guys noticed us, we made a mistake by announcing the I.P AND launching a Kickstarter at the same time. We could have easily done the former a month earlier, it would have saved us a ton of pain.

I had a moment and wanted to address the discussion about ZENLIL.

First off - there is a reason that practical airplane design hasn't fundamentally changed in the last 60 years….the overall shape and design is simply the most efficient across the board, especially if you consider that ZENLIL is also a transport. It is only 30 years in the future, and we wanted ZENLIL to feel familiar to people. CONSORTIUM isn't a far-flung sci-fi fantasy with ships flying around the universe. Instead, we want it to feel contemporary, but at the same time futuristic and wondrous. All that said, ZENLIL has a wing cage, not a wing box, and it's engines can be charged by absorbing the electrical energy of storms, allowing it to stay in the air indefinitely…

Secondly - ZENLIL *IS* space capable, HOWEVER there is an entirely separate component that is required. A massive "space shield" is designed to attach to the front of ZENLIL, covering engines, wings, etc with heat shields. It also makes the whole vessel more aerodynamic and provides maneuvering thrusters and rockets that allow it to break out of Earth's atmosphere and even propel itself to the moon. The entire interior is designed to be Zero G friendly as well, and there are airlocks all over the place to prevent catastrophic decompression in case of hull breach.

Cheers everyone!! We're working hard on some additional press to try and get a spike happening next week, but anything you guys are able to do to help spread the word, we would truly appreciate it!

-Greg @ iDGi
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