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December 9th, 2012, 02:54
Yes, "Torment" is just part of the marketing for the project. Not only that, it is partly what ensures there will be a project.

This eventually will be a Kickstarter. Probably when they've got a good idea of when Wasteland 2 will be completed or soon after it is. We've recently seen quite a number of great ideas on KS fail and a few less than well fleshed out ideas fail. Would Thorvalla have been good? Shaker? We'll never know now. They couldn't get enough backers to meet their goals. The combination of quality writing, a (hopefully) quality development team and something to namedrop? That ensures this will even be a project, instead of just a pipe dream.

Personal "opinions" be damned, PS:T is a classic game and a genre-definer. You can piddle and babble about your tastes and how you feel it's not "the ULTIMATE RPG" and you can be as right as you want to be about it. It doesn't change what it is and what the purpose of getting the name is. Crass or not, it'll put the asses in the seats. Or, in this case, the $ into their KS.
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