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December 9th, 2012, 11:03
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
After persuading me for days my brother in the end succeeded to make me rent that movie.

Lemme be clear, I don't watch anything that has the word "american" in the title as it feels just like an attempt to sell crap better. Okay, here it's not "american", but something near.

Just by looking that whole title I thought, hell this is probably the worst movie of the decade. And the plan was, I'll watch first 10-15 mins, turn it off and tell my bro it sux just to make him stop mentioning it.

How wrong I was. It's neither crap nor it's just another vampire or horror movie.

The movie ain't about one, two, a few teenagers slaughtered by mythological creatures or maniacal murderers, it's not happening in the woods, noone is plain stupid or ignorant - the genre was turned upside down in this movie as it touches many social problems (not enough though). Not only that, action scenes are pretty impressive and the cast is all believable. Add a twist into it that normally just can't be possible in movies like this one, but here it works perfectly. Can't believe I'm saying this - but I'm recommending it to everyone.

Hm, it was actually quite decent. Some of the action scenes were a bit exaggerated, but all in all quite decent. I liked the main antagonist, Adam. He was able to portray a menacing leading vampire. Another thing i liked was the way it looked on film. Some of the night scenes in the South were really atmospheric. I loved the old mansion where Adam and his league of vampires lived in.
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