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December 9th, 2012, 16:31
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Why is it "lame", exactly? This gets them more recognition (gosh, I know, being successful is evil) and with Colin McComb on board they genuinely have creative authority.

Honestly, had they just made a PS:T -like game as you suggest, just as many people would bitch about how they ripped of PS:T.
Well, *I* wouldn't bitch, because it would feel more honest.

Let's put it differently : it'd be akin as annoucing "Hey, we secured the Baldur's Gate IP so we're doing a new Baldur's Gate… except it really wouldn't feature the city of the Baldur's Gate, or the Forgotten Realms setting, or any plot or story or characters from the original game because we couldn't manage a deal with WotC."


Sorry but that would feel silly. And this is why I feel this is really lame. Well I guess from a marketing standpoint this is rather smart but it just feels like buying the IP to promote a completly separate product.

I just don't like that kind of stuff, and if it was was big publisher doing this instead of Fargo and inXile people would be bitching about this, with good reasons.

Not only that, it is partly what ensures there will be a project.
Does it ?

Frankly if Wasteland 2 is successful, and inXile comes and start a new Kickstarter project for a Torment spiritual sequel, people would get behind it whether it has the Torment IP or not.

As I said I'm not dissing the people who'll be doing this, if anything there are reasons to be optimistic (even if personally I feel a "proper" PST spiritual sequel would need Avellone especially considering for how long he's been talking about this)… I just don't like the whole Torment IP thing.

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