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December 9th, 2012, 19:44
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
Ancient in a technological point of view.
This makes now even less sense. Why would the game be beloved because it's technologically "ancient"? In general, early 3D is the most despised period in video gaming from a technological point of view. OK, Morrowind got already rid of much of the worst aspects of stuff like in M&M VI-VIII, but anyway.
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
But, still, I'm sure that most of the love for old school games is derived from nostalgia, and this retro fashion thing (not only in video games, in everything, the 80). Minecraft would not have been a big hit 5 years ago, I'm certain of that.
And I'm certain you are wrong. Some of these older games still hold up today. You can see that the developers put much more effort into actual gameplay than it's done in many modern games. (I guess we have a theme here: many modern games look nice but lack in the gameplay department). I have no problem playing the BG's today (ok, with BG1, I like a mod, but BG II is fine as is). It was also only last year that I played Arcanum for the first time. I never played it because it looked so drab, but some people urged me to try it because it's a good game, and they were right. I had an absolute blast. So no nostalgia glasses here.
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
I agree that the possibility of joining various faction in the Elders Scrolls games (but not in Fallout 3 or New Vegas - In FONV you can't be with the Legion and NCR, for example, you can't even align with the Yes Man too many time untill all others turn against you. On FO3 if you start shooting too many innocents you will be persecuted, and the Brotherhood of Steel won't take it kindly if you decide to start killing their people either). So, I agree that the part of being able to do all the faction quests was "dumbing". It's the only dumbing we'll agree about.
It's noticeable that FONV wasn't done by Bethesda. Suddenly, there's more game in the game. And regarding the dumbing down, don't your forget all the mechanical cuts? Morrowind lost climbing, Oblivion lost levitation, just to name the biggies. It's weird that many of our glorious modern 3D games tend to forget about the 3rd dimension (OK, the Bethesda games are not the worst examples here).
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
What I find stupid about Oblivion are the side quests. The main quest I find it interesting. With a bit of horror inspiration in there - the plane of Oblivion seems a lot like a vision of Hell. But, sure, the side quests are kind of silly.
Okay, the Mage and Fighter guild quests were completely forgettable. The Thief stuff was moderately interesting, though. I'm not sure about the Dark Brotherhood quest line: I can't decide whether it was good or groanworthy. Silly, I guess. Anyway, we differ regarding the main quest. I found that one an absolute abortion. Simplistic, uninteresting, mostly nonsensical. Worse than the story itself is its game implication. Hey, Hell is invading, but we collect paintings and ride alone for our 5 o'clock tea to the other end of the country once a week. Sure, people in Morrowind also ignored the main quest, but there it made sense: if doom has been hanging over your head for centuries, it's easy to turn to everyday problems.
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
I used epic in the not-so-subtle way, like in Oblivion. Anyway, there's kind of a contradiction here, as you already dismissed the narrative quality of some other games because they look like soap operas. Greek epics are basically that, soap operas with gods, demigods and humans betraying, backstabbing and having sex with each other. Ancient Greeks created the concept, but it's the one still used in the context of soap operas (more so in the Brazilian version of those, the "telenovelas", which, many times, are really modern versions of Greek dramas - all served up in a kitsch way, of course). Besides that, many interesting TV shows adopted the soap opera concept in a good way. Let's just mention Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, Carnivāle and the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica (one of the inspirations behind the Mass Effect trilogy). The concept of soap opera isn't necessarily bad, it's the way they are usually made when targeting bored housewives and coach potatoes.
Well, I guess my phrasing was somewhat off here. What I meant is that most games have stories that resemble bad soap operas, with lots of nonsensical setups. In Morrowind, there was lots to discover, it was interesting, and it made sense.
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