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December 9th, 2012, 21:43
This makes now even less sense. Why would the game be beloved because it's technologically "ancient"? In general, early 3D is the most despised period in video gaming from a technological point of view. OK, Morrowind got already rid of much of the worst aspects of stuff like in M&M VI-VIII, but anyway.
Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. I did not say that being old and with technical issues due to their age are the reasons why people love old school games. I meant that people usually tend to remember mostly the good things and forget the bad ones because, after all, they are old games, and some things could not be done by that time.

And I'm certain you are wrong. Some of these older games still hold up today. You can see that the developers put much more effort into actual gameplay than it's done in many modern games. (I guess we have a theme here: many modern games look nice but lack in the gameplay department). I have no problem playing the BG's today (ok, with BG1, I like a mod, but BG II is fine as is). It was also only last year that I played Arcanum for the first time. I never played it because it looked so drab, but some people urged me to try it because it's a good game, and they were right. I had an absolute blast. So no nostalgia glasses here.
Well, we will have to agree to disagree on the holding up part. They don't hold up for me anyway. I believe that developers worked harder, or with more passion on those old games. But… After many years as a P&P role player, where the immersion came mostly from our imagination, the quality of the setting, the quality of the game masters own story, and how it was "demolished" by the players actions and reconstructed on the spot, the quality of everybody's acting, when I'm faced with a computer version I need a lot of stuff, and imagination is not the most important. I need a good story, good dialogues, consequences and variety, but for the immersion to be as good as the one P&P offers I need also quality graphics, quality voice acting, quality soundtrack and a modern user interface. I suppose that the quality of the story is the most subjective of these things. The technical aspects are much more objective, and I think most people will agree with me if I say that games are technically much better now, and the budget allowed for more "real" actors to voice act for games. Voice acting goes a long way for me.

Well, I guess my phrasing was somewhat off here. What I meant is that most games have stories that resemble bad soap operas, with lots of nonsensical setups. In Morrowind, there was lots to discover, it was interesting, and it made sense.
I guess it depends of the game. Maybe you notice more bad stories because there are also more games being made? Well in the role playing genre maybe not much more being made, but nowadays there's also many things being wrongly labeled as RPGs… When there's more products in the market it always tends to be more bad ones. Doesn't mean that there are no good ones any more. I suppose the same happens with movies and television series.
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