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December 9th, 2012, 23:04
Originally Posted by MigRib View Post
Do I sound angry? Nah, just a bit frustrated about all this.

I sure hope there's room for both. But just take a look at the news in RPG Watch. Excluding Cyberpunk 2077 (which will probably come out near 2077) and the new Skyrim DLC, it's all about indie old school RPG, either in kickstarster, beta phase or about to be realeased form. And this is not to say that the problem is with the site, they are just announcing what's out there. If it were not for open world games like Far Cry 3 and things like Dishonoured, which although it is clealry not an RPG, it offers many choices, the last thing I had played would have been Mass Effect 3, a long time ago. So… Yeah, there's room for everything, but I suppose there's a pattern of RPG retro fashion here.

I was just joking about the quantity of old school RPGs coming out these days. Some of them might really be made by some kid in his parent's home and be a success. Not that that investing a lot of money in a game makes it good, of course, but it is obvious that producing retro games, with retro graphics, retro mechanics, no voice acting and using the role playing internet network instead of big publicity campaigns reduces so much the cost of games that soon the market can very well be flooded with old school new RPGs.
I can understand your frustration. Nobody wants to see less of the kind of games they like. I actually shared your frustration but in the opposite direction. Slow tactical games were becoming less and less and fast action Rpg's were replacing them.

Kick starter has started to bring back the old school games I liked in the past and i've started to enjoy the faster action ones as well so its a win win for me. I still don't think you have to worry too much though kick starters aren't generating enough money yet for bigger devs to jump on old school games IMO.

Other than obsidian most of the kickstater devs are relatively small or unknown and I think obsidian wanted to make a game like this all along but couldn't find a publisher to back it.

I think we will still have our AAA RPG's and such also with crossover Rpg's like dishonored and fry cry 3 (which is excellent by the way) there shouldn't be a shortage.
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