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December 9th, 2012, 23:45
I went with Apple because they had the apps I wanted right now, price wasn't a factor and I new I'd get the latest OS updates unlike I did on Android.( nexus wasn't available when I got my pad)

I'm not a proud apple owner. I don't hate their product but I do hate their politics. Stop suing everyone for everything already.

I use my PC mainly for gaming so I would never consider an Ipad or any apple product for gaming. To high a cost and they don't get the game selection.

The Ipad though is rock solid and for surfing the web it's great. Although I wish it had flash but thats not only an apple problem.

It's could for business but I wish it had a good Quickbooks program but that's not an Apple exclusive problem either.

If money is a concern at all I say go nexus. If you don't care about price and just want the best then that's still the ipad for now but the nexus is closing fast. Imo.
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