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December 9th, 2012, 23:33
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I tried several times to get into Dark Souls, but the game didn't grab me. I just couldn't get comfortable with the controls with either a gamepad or m+k.
Should try again. I promise its better than Dungeon Lords mmxii

99% of the time I'm kb+m for games. 99.9% even. But I couldn't stand it for this game. Somehow the 30FPS doesn't feel bad with the controller, but with the mouse it just felt wrong somehow. Like Divinity 2 just felt wrong.

My tips would be don't worry about parrying. Lock on to your target by pressing down the right stick. Your left triggers are your shield; Block and Parry. Just approach your target with your shield up and strafe around behind him. He'll swing and miss or you'll block, then backstab. (Parrying/Backstab is always touch range and nothing to do with the enemy weapon size btw)

With all the boss fights if you "restore humanity" at a fire it will make runes on the floor (often hidden, such as the paladin in catacombs for the Pinwheel fight a pro might do early) to summon an NPC appear which makes most the fights pretty simple. Always kindle the fires.

Hey, this could turn into a serious rant so /rant.

edit: OK, one more

You might be thinking "wtf do i put stats"

I like the Claymore. If you just went 16str, 10dex then enchanted the claymore into a lightning claymore it would remove the bonus damage from STR/DEX but do plenty of damage and you could then throw heaps of points into VIT and END for armor. If you're anything like my your first game you probably put loads of points into STR cos you were making a fighter and then realised it wasn't adding to your damage very much at all. I've won the game with just a +4 lightning claymore.
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