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December 10th, 2012, 12:41
I am certainly hoping it will be good. However not to be to much of a downer … but I have been playing MMO's since UO and EQ1 and frankly the one thing most any MMO has is exploration - it is one of the things they can do fairly easily in a world where no one can be the hero and having a compelling story is very difficult. Although many are trying - Star Wars (Bioware one) had some interesting ways of doing a story and GW2 has lots of exploration with rewards (and Vista's), along with a personal story.

But the point is that having lots of places to explore with little side quests and stories is something most MMO's do and isn't unique to the genre - if you like those things most any MMO will do.

My main concern with something like this is that most MMO's lack any depth or soul. They tend to be a bit hollow and hard to make immersive unless you do a lot of instancing. Seeing the same NPC's and MOBS killed over and over and over tends to do that. Instancing helps in making a unique story line for a player … even then they are often done multiple times which, again, takes away from the experience.

For me MMO's are more about the dynamic world (regular patching and updates), all the real people around, chatting, some grouping (although I prefer to solo or play with just a friend most of the time), and the like.

I am cautious being a person who has a lot of experience in both SRPG and MMO's and has a good understanding of the differences. My main hope is that one doesn't influence the other to much - so they continue to make SRPG and that the MMO won't take away from that.

If the MMO is good and provides the same feel (which I guess I am pessimistic about knowing what thousands of random people can bring to the atmosphere of an MMO as while as the design limitations) then all the better - than I can enjoy the best of both worlds
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