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December 10th, 2012, 15:20
Originally Posted by booboo View Post
I'm confused as to how a game can get full marks when it has - what sounds like - irritating UI issues? They sound quite bothersome to me. I have a friend who is now playing the ipad version and says its 'what he expected', mainly good value for money (only having played it once many years ago in a pc) and withe a new UI and some zooming etc. I get the feeling he gave it 5/5 just because it *was* on the iPadů

edit: almost all the iPad reviews cite do the Watch give max score, while all noting interface quirks. I would have though a touch-screen interafce is mostly about ease of UI use, so that makes the even more dubious.
Now that I have a full party I will say the interface is a bit cumbersome. Positioning my guys just right can be a pain and take some time. Also with the small screen I find some of my guys are off screen which is mildly annoying. You do get used to it with time but its not optimal.

I still think touch interface would suit wizardry style games much better.

As for the high review scores I think they are giving them out based more on it just being a great game.

Much like the pc version of dark souls got high marks because most think its a great game despite the obvious short comings with the interface. ( without mods)
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