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December 10th, 2012, 15:21
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
You bring up something important - context. My entire discussion of 'reasonable pricing' is in the context of an easily demonstrated superfluous luxury item (smartphone, tablet) compared with an ACTUALLY reasonably priced item which was the context you were bringing.
I'm trying to make sense of that quote, and I just can't

I'm talking about overpricing and how it applies to Apple products in general. You've given examples of why Apple might not be quite so overpriced - because they're better for resale and have a better build quality.

I, in turn, have given my reasons for being sceptical that those things can truly compensate for the overpricing - and reasons why those things certainly don't matter to me.

The context, I suppose, is about who were are - and I can understand that you have your reasons for supporting Apple that go beyond just wanting their products. You resell a lot and you care more about build quality than I do.


In terms of usage, I know I am an outlier, and more people use their tablets as toys than as productivity tools. But I did a challenge recently where I used the iPad almost exclusively for a month - only using the PC for gaming and the Mac for syncing my Garmin running watch … and it turned into two months, and I am still mostly using the iPad. When it comes to productivity apps, mobile gaming - and in particular music production tools the iPad is simply unmatched in a mobile OS platform. But again … I could get a Macbook Air and have more capabilities with only a slight bump in weight and loss of battery life.
Yeah, but does your work include stuff like writing a lot of mails and using applications at your workplace?

Because my work does - and I wouldn't be able to use an iPad for any of those things, except the mails - and that would be very impractical. So, I use a PC at work - and I could just as well use my own, which I do when I work from home. I couldn't do that on an iPad.

As for home usage - I use my computer primarily to write on forums, surf and game. I can surf perfectly on an iPad - but the other two things are completely out of the question. In terms of actual productivity - I use my PC for developing my game project - which is also impossible on an iPad.

That said, I could easily "make do" with an iPad - if I stopped doing several things, but that wouldn't be a fair reflection of my normal day.

Also, could you explain to me why you want an iPhone 5 - now that you have a Samsung Galaxy S3?




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