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December 10th, 2012, 21:14
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I respect the decision to jump into "kicking it forward" wagon. Also almost everything they've numbered there seems too good to be true, MOBA map for example, which game has something like that?
Hell, I was an inch close to pledge instantly.

And then this poked my eye:
Console Support

I'm aware that my decisions tend to be based on irrational things others don't care for or don't see as negative as I do. The next generation of consoles is probably coming 2014., what, they'll really make the game to support them? Or that "support" is for slow-CPU in Wii U so players on PC will also suffer a dumbed down AI or something?

Sorry, but I'm skipping this one.
I had to sign up just to tell you not to be so hasty. Console support is just a potential stretch goal, and one unlikely to gather steam in the community.
It is there precisely because it's not impossible, since the game is being made with the Unity engine, so there's no reason to ignore the possibility if there is a call for it from the community/backers, however the game will be built as a windows/linux/mac game first and foremost, then if demand and money is there for a console port, after every other stretch goal is met, then a console port can be considered.
Do not judge all games on the fact that some are dumbed down for console support. did minecraft get dumbed down when it was ported to xbox? No because it was developed as a computer game first.
although talking of which, if you look at any videos of Impire, you can see that is clearly being developed with consoles in mind.
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