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December 10th, 2012, 21:10
Drosera regia is a carnivorous plant in the sundew genus Drosera and is endemic to a single valley in South Africa. Apparently there are only about 50 plants left, making it a very endangered although not particularly dangerous species. Unless you are smaller than a cat. And live in said valley. NOTHING compared to the triffids, which by definition inhabits Australia.

Speaking of Australia (I'd rather not), Apple Maps as it appears on iPhone 5 has a spot of trouble with down under. According to the Norwegian broadcasting company Apple claims that Mildura (wherever that is) is in the middle of Murray Sunset national park (wherever that is), which is unfortunate because in reality is 70 km away (wherever that is). This has caused several life-threatening episodes, which is kind of silly, since every day in Australia is a life-threatening episode.

pibbur who knows this from several tv-shows from down under (wherever that is).

PS. Berlin is according to our broadcasting company according to Apple in Antarctica. (I know where that is, can't be more down under than that). DS
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1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
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