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December 10th, 2012, 22:53
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Personally though I wouldn't recomend Escape from the Pit to someone who was only going to play a couple spiderweb games. I think Avernum 5 and 6 were probably the strongest games. Avadon was also a fine game and it's probably worthwhile to play through exactly 1 geneforge game (maybe no. 3?). But I don't care about the graphics/sound, so that may influence me a bit.
Well, you can only buy geneforge in a bundle itself (1-5). I only found the 5th "playable" at all, as the graphics and also the sound really killed it for me in the previous ones, especially the first 3.

I can't really judge Avernum 5 and 6, but I found Escape from the Pit extremely well due to it's completely open world, strong writing, tons of content, a couple of decisions, different endings (actually you have 3 end-goals and multiple choices for these), and the high difficulty. The only thing I can say in comparison to Avernum5/6 is that it has better graphics. Though due to the strange drawings for skills it still looks a bit less professional than Avadon.
Avadon on the other hand has a little "deeper" story, but it's quite linear (Zone1->Zone2->Companion Mission->Zone3->…) a bit like Mass Effect2 and I found the last part (after the warning that you can't go back) quite bad. Also content wise, considering the time I played these games, Avernum is about 50% bigger than Avadon.
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