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December 11th, 2012, 01:35
The idea that the whole game is a LARP by kids in South Park is pretty interesting and RPGy. But the game itself kinda looks lame. I doubt it's gonna be anything great. Just something fanatical SP fans might enjoy.

Ugh… I despise how MTVish the VGAs have become.
Unfortunately, it's becoming a general belief that gamers are shallow and socially awkward people and for a good reason too. I mean you look at most of the trailers and footage publishers and devs use for promoting their game, they are full of explosions and badass characters doing super cool stuff and saying super cool one liners with super cool voice. You look at most of the gaming events and they are filled with cosplayers and booth babes. Main point of discussion for popular Bioware games is about the romance and how a certain character looks hot. (Hard to believe the are official articles written about this stuff.) The whole online gaming culture ( especially for MMOs ) doesn't help either. So no wonder why VGAs have become so MTVish.
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