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December 11th, 2012, 00:36
I should probably say the game mechanics as a whole is what makes me really enjoy the game. I think it's all really well thought out, everything from combat, gear, souls, spells and dispells, upgrading/leveling, resting/saving and multiplayer/invasion. The design is close to perfection. Initially it's all a bit confusing and it put me off, it's a game in itself to figure things out since not even the manual explains a lot of it. It's not a game you figure out in an hour.

It's been far too long since i played Severance, but i think the combat is a lot better than M&B (i only played the first game in that series). At first it feels rather mechanical and it did put me off, but like any good RPG the combat gets a lot better with better gear and skills, figuring out how to take out enemies is a lof of fun. What first seems impossible gets very rewarding when you find out their weak spot and suddenly can take a specific enemy type out with ease. It's a great mix of player skill and gear/level.

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The degrees of freedom available are amazing.
Indeed. Really fun to try out different armors, weapons and techniques and what works for you. It's also a bit of a misconception that the game is hard. It's as hard as you want it to be since there are endless opportunities for just grinding and leveling up, which in turn will make the game easier, obviously.
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