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December 11th, 2012, 02:30
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It's also a bit of a misconception that the game is hard. It's as hard as you want it to be since there are endless opportunities for just grinding and leveling up, which in turn will make the game easier, obviously.
It's hard if you head towards guys you can handle. (aka the way a new player will go.)

If you take a "pro" path using the master key you can run straight to the swamp and run around collecting souls of undead and very nice items.

If you take the path that appears easy up the hill to the undead burg you have a huge distance to get to the swamp… But you do get the large ember and you gotta get it some time.

It's kind of an "easy when you know how" thing.

Messages players can leave on the ground to tell of secrets, dangers, etc. The game is all about being able to tell people secrets. There's a wiki with chat going and people talk about the game 24/7. It's really a pretty fun game to play with spoilers.

There's really no reason to grind on easy monsters at all. You're still doing it the hard way if you do.
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