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December 11th, 2012, 03:16
Yeah it's totally overblown. By the time the everyone gets done frothing at the mouth over this "crime" it will be a felony to make a crank call, prison with no chance of parole. The crank call will be the new DUI.

Then again, I'm somewhat sympathetic to the crankers. I can remember many a 9-year old sleepover, fueled up on coca-cola and doritos, we'd crack open the phone book and settle in for a night of crank calling people til the wee hours. Woe be to the poor unfortunates born with the name Harry Ball, Jack Hoff, Mona Lott, or Dick Hunter. I wonder how many people actually went outside to see if their refrigerator was indeed running. I'm sorry I feel no remorse for my crimes, for they were hilarious. Well, when I was 9 anyway…

But there's no way, that cannot be the sole reason she offed herself. It cant be that stupid. You commit suicide because your wife and child were killed in an auto accident, and you cant go on. You commit suicide after you kill your cheating wife and her lover. You commit suicide when youre diagnosed with some horrible terminal illness, and you'd rather go quickly then waste away. You commit suicide because there's no way youre going back for another 20 years in a turkish prison. You do not waste your life because a couple dildos play a practical joke on you.
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