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December 11th, 2012, 06:03
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
well that's the whole idea.. its a desolate, lonely and depressing place with few characters. It really sets a nightmareish and very unique tone.. a bit similar to shadow of the colossus, another masterpiece.
This is correct. The atmosphere is dark, thick and foreboding..and navigating the world is constantly a tense affair. The monsters (their difficulty and appearance) greatly contribute to this. Due to this, defeating them feels like a real victory.

Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It's a very hard game until you level up and get good gear, exactly how i want RPG's to be, hate starting off as a demi-god.
I am not sure if leveling really helps. This game is mainly about methodical combat, which is largely determined by how you control your character on the screen and exploit the monsters' weaknesses. It is hardly about the skillset. Sure, leveling helps in resistance buffs, but it is really not essential to survive. Prime example is Ornstein and Smough fight..which is unwinnable no matter your level, unless you keep on your toes and fight them in specific patterns.

Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
DS is more than just combat.As Vurt said in few posts above it's one of most atmospheric games,dark and ruined world of DS where bad guys have won feels different than other games.There is also well written lore(usually found in item description),and very good level design and nice art style and well designed multiplayer.
What I like about DS is how utterly insignificant it makes you feel, almost always. The world never revolves around your character..you are just one of the undead who may or may not ring the Bells of Awakening. No one cares of bothers about whether you do it or not. This is in contrast with many RPGs, where everyone that you meet along the way looks at you as some kind of savoir. I was playing Dragon's Dogma recently..great game. But everywhere I go, people were yelling "Arisen this, Arisen that..". The world revolved around you. In Souls series games, you are always a nobody and your primary goal is surviving in the hostile world.
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