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December 11th, 2012, 09:19
As I see it, there are two separate issues here.

1. Did they cause the suicide and do they deserve punishment?
2. Are crank calls evil, wrong or stupid?

My answers would be:

1. No, of course they didn't cause the suicide. Only one person can cause that. Did they inspire it? Maybe, but definitely not on purpose. Do they deserve punishment? Don't think so, and they've already been punished far worse than we could feasibly do.

2. Are crank calls evil? No. Are they wrong? I wouldn't know, but this one seems relatively harmless. Are they stupid? Yeah, I think they are.

Maybe I just don't understand humor at the expense of other people, unless it's something the people themselves would find amusing. Most of the time, it's not particularly funny to be the butt end of a joke in public - but I guess that's not important when you're being unimaginative and can't think of better ways to entertain the masses.




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